how did we get here:

Well, I {Brittan} have my undergrad in Graphic Design, but then I went and got all crazy and obsessed with school and got not one, but two Master's degrees in Art Education and International Community Development (basically social justice + humanitarian aid). I was an art and design teacher for 9 years, until stepping down to focus fully on design and family. We had our first kiddo in April of 2014. And life has never been the same!

For the longest of times it has been a dream to combine all of these {seemingly unrelated} things - art, helping people, and loving kids... For an assignment in grad school we had to write out a "vision statement"… what we wanted our life to become. Over 6 years ago, I wrote "to use the creative arts to heal broken hearts." So far, I have been beyond blessed to be able to love on my students and help them find passion and purpose through the creative arts (both in the classroom and on humanitarian trips around the world). Now, this vision is coming to life in a new way with ShoutingLoveDesigns. My goal with ShoutingLoveDesigns, is to use my time, talents, and passion to encourage and help change lives.

I do graphic design work for many amazing organizations and causes! A big part of what I do is to be the full-time graphic designer for Go Shout Love. Go Shout Love is a social good organization that raises money and awareness for kids with rare illnesses. Go check them out, they are incredible! I also work with See Beautiful, a company whose mission is to empower people to see beautiful in themselves and others by giving to causes that create more beauty in the world.  

We are a family of three:

Brittan - Designer

Justin - CFO and Strategist

SophieHolland - Adorable Mascot